Sound Transit new chief administrative officer


Mary Cummings

Mary Cummings

Seattle’s Sound Transit named Mary Cummings as its new chief administrative officer. Cummings will work alongside Deputy CEO and Chief System Officer Kimberly Farley.

For the first part of her career, Cummings held several executive roles at Verizon during the company’s major startup and growth periods. She created a Program Office that led the successful launch of a new line of business that generated over $200 million in revenue in its second year of operation. As VP for Verizon Wireless Latin America, Cummings oversaw the company’s largest international investment. In other leadership positions, she oversaw operational improvements and customer service in Mexico, the Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Indonesia, and Italy.

Cummings made her transition to higher education as an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University. She served as program director of the Carnegie Bosch Institute where she designed, marketed, and coordinated the delivery of executive education leadership programs for international executives and Carnegie Mellon University MBA students. In 2012, Cummings joined Waynesburg University, a private University near Pittsburgh, as VP, student services.