TransportationCamp DC 2022: Everything you need to know about joining the virtual unconference


On January 8, 2022, transportation advocates, experts, and organizers working on transportation issues in the DC region and at the national level will come together for TransportationCamp DC, a day-long “unconference” about practice, ideas, and opportunity.

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An unconference is an event where the attendees determine the sessions. In a normal year, everyone suggests topics by writing them on sticky notes and then posting them on a single large wall. Similar topics are grouped together in real time, and those topics become the sessions for the day.

This year TransportationCamp DC will come together virtually for the second year in a row. If you didn’t join us last year, you might be wondering, how does an unconference work when everyone is attending online?

Holding an unconference virtually is a little different than in-person, but it’s just as fun and dynamic. Here’s what you need to know about how to attend TransportationCamp DC:

1. TransportationCamp DC will take place on Zoom. TransportationCamp is always a chance to connect with new collaborators and explore challenging issues together. We’ll be together in one giant Zoom for a bit on January 8, but the bulk of the day will take place in scores of smaller Zoom breakout rooms.

2. We’ll focus on issues in the DC region as well as national policy and programs. Got thoughts about how DC is implementing Vision Zero, or WMATA service in the greater DMV region? Or do you want to discuss nationwide research or federal transportation programs? TransportationCamp DC will be a space for all of these conversations.

3. Anyone, anywhere can join. Part of this year’s program will focus on issues in the DC region, and part will focus on nationwide transportation issues. Since national conversations relate to every community, everyone is welcome to join this event no matter where you live. 

4. Session proposals will open the week before the event. Starting on Monday January 3, people who are registered will be able to submit ideas for sessions. Session topics can be something you are an expert on, something you want to learn more about, or something you want to create with other people.

If you are thinking about proposing a session, consider who you might invite to co-lead with you. What content would you want to cover, who do you hope will join the conversation, and how will the format of the session be participatory? Mobility Lab’s essential guide to TransportationCamp has some more ideas for proposing a great session, and see below for one more way to brainstorm session ideas.

5. We’ll have a dedicated Slack workspace for all attendees. Our TransportationCamp Slack workspace will be a place to connect, talk, network, and collaborate with other attendees in the lead-up to the event. We’ll open this workspace in late December so you’ll have the chance to brainstorm session ideas with other Campers, and everyone who registers for TransportationCamp will have access.

If these details have your brain buzzing about topics to discuss, register today for TransportationCamp DC 2022:

Register for TransportationCamp DC 2022

We’re committed to making TransportationCamp DC an event for everyone. If there’s a way we can make it more accessible for you, please reach out to Abi Grimminger.

TransportationCamp DC 2022 will bring together people from the DC region and across the country to talk about transportation practice, ideas, and opportunity. Interested in becoming a sponsor of this year’s event? Contact Abi Grimminger to learn more about sponsorship.

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