Citymapper tests shared-taxi service in London


Uber may soon be out of the picture, but Londoners have another transportation option.

Transit mobile application Citymapper is teaming with Gett, the UK’s black cab booking app, to launch a fixed route shared-taxi service. BB1 (which stands for Black Bus 1, even thought it’s a taxi service) runs between Highbury and Waterloo. Citymapper announced the new service in a breathless blog post:

Cabs can be shared by multiple passengers, just like on a bus, for a fixed price of only £3! (and psst.. the first ride is free). But unlike buses, you can get on and off anywhere on the route.

The fare is higher than a Transport for London (UK) bus but lower than a taxi.  BB1 operates during peak periods only, and began service on September 25.

Citymapper says its BB1 route fills “one of the largest gaps in the Tube in Zone 1.” But TechCrunch calls that “a fairly vigorous massaging of the truth,” writing that an existing TfL bus route serves that corridor directly and the trip is an easy transfer on the Tube.

This is Citymapper’s second foray into service provision, after testing a circulator in MayLink to full story in Medium.

Image source: Citymapper via Medium