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Many Americans need reliable public transit to get to school or work. Frank Hank

Many Americans live in transit deserts – areas where demand for transit exceeds the supply. To fix these gaps, we need to find and map them so agencies can add transit options in the right places.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, left, and Mayor Eric Garcetti pose next to an all-electric car in this 2015 photo. AP Photo/Nick Ut

More than 200 mayors have committed their cities to stick with the Paris climate deal no matter what the US does. Electric vehicles offer a promising route to making good on that pledge.

This transit-oriented development in Oakland, California, combines residential housing with easy access to local transport options and amenities. Eric Fredericks/flickr

A combination of transit-oriented centres, inclusionary zoning and a special rate on land instead of stamp duty could make housing more affordable by cutting congestion, development and travel costs.

Who’s in the driver’s seat? Matthew Jude Brown, Alexander Torrenegra

To maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks, we need to know how ride-share companies will affect public transportation.

Maintenance has been pushed off so much that the D.C. Metro needs to shut lines down for months for repairs. momentsnotice/flickr

How did urban public transport in America, like much of our infrastructure, get to be in such bad shape? Will millennials help turn it around?