Florida community to run autonomous shuttles


A new town currently under construction in southwest Florida will start running autonomous shuttles next month.

Babcock Ranch will offer its 50,000 residents an array of mobility services, including car-sharing, bicycle-sharing, autonomous shuttles, and charter transit.

Transdev will operate the autonomous shuttles and serve as a partner on the community’s mobility-as-a-service platform.

“We recognize that progress comes in increments,” said Syd Kitson, chairman and CEO of Kitson & Partners, which is developing the community, in a statement. “Americans are not going to go from one car for every driver to no cars for every household overnight. We start by making cars just one of many options for getting around town. When people can walk, bike, catch a shuttle, use their handheld device to summon an on-demand autonomous vehicle, or utilize a shared vehicle service for trips off-site, they will quickly realize they don’t really need their own car.”

Babcock Ranch is the first completely solar-powered new town in the country. Residents are expected to start moving into the community by the end of the year.

Photo source: Transdev