Join ITDP in Taking Cycling Worldwide


After experiencing a year like no other, which exposed so many fault lines and illuminated new urban mobility challenges, cycling has resurfaced as a particularly resilient and equitable transportation solution. New cycling lanes brought new cyclists to the streets in droves. In cities where bike infrastructure was added early in the pandemic, cycling increased up to 48 percent more than in other cities. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent growth of cycling has left cities around the world facing a critical question: can we radically rethink our cities around cycling or will we allow cars to retake the streets?

Cities need your support to build back for bikes to bring more cyclists to the streets and keep cars off the road. Support cycling as a zero-emission, affordable, and accessible means of sustainable transport with a $45 gift to ITDP today.

For years, cities were designed under the assumption that investments in cycling were only worth pursuing if there were already cyclists, giving way to decades of car dominance and environmental degradation. But recently, cities across the world have demonstrated how quickly cycling-centered measures can transform city streets and attract new cyclists. And the benefits of riding a bike instead of driving a car are stark: research shows that choosing a bike over a car just once a day reduces an average citizen’s carbon emissions from transport by 67%. It is clear that implementing safe and protected bike lanes creates new cyclists and has positive impacts on our health, the environment, air quality, road safety and accessibility.

But if we fail to scale this cycling resurgence and ensure that temporary cycling interventions are made permanent, the needs of people will continue to come second to cars. To put us on the path towards a greener and healthier future, ITDP needs your help to expand cycling infrastructure and promote cycling-friendly policies.

ITDP is working in cities around the globe to embed cycling in our transport landscapes. Your support can help replicate projects like these in even more cities around the world:

Cycling for Change in India
In India, ITDP is working to implement exciting safe and accessible walking and cycling initiatives in over 100 cities as part of a nationwide program. With funding from the national government and training from ITDP, cities have already begun to transform over 230 miles of streets with pop-up cycle lanes, traffic calming measures, and community-led bikeshare programs. With your support, ITDP can continue to give even more residents access to cycling facilities for healthier and more resilient urban landscapes.
Sharing and Cycling across the African Continent
ITDP is helping cities throughout Africa implement bikeshare systems that are proven to make cycling more accessible and affordable while offering a unique way for residents to access city services and economic opportunities. Kigali, Rwanda is piloting a new bikeshare program in its central business district that includes electric bikes, a novel element that will help elevate electric mobility options throughout the region. Cairo, Egypt is making it easier for residents to access its public transit network with its first bikeshare system of 500 bicycles strategically located near transit stations. Join ITDP in our efforts to replicate successful bike share systems in cities around the world to promote cycling as a valued, no-carbon transport option.

From Pop-up to Permanent in Mexico City
Continuing to draw cyclists to the streets and out of their cars is reliant upon cities committing to building extensive bike lanes and converting street spaces for pedestrians. This past year, ITDP helped Mexico City add “emergency” cycle lanes along the major roadway of Avenida de Los Insurgentes. Residents have flocked to the new bike lanes with such enthusiasm that they are being made permanent, creating the longest protected cycling lane in the world. Now is the time to meet the growing need and demand for cycling-but we can’t do it without you.

We need your help to attract and keep people cycling to protect the health of our cities and our planet. With a $45 gift to ITDP you can make cycling a viable climate solution.

ITDP is committed to making cycling a safe and accessible means of transport so that more city dwellers can opt for a bike over a polluting car. We need your help to promote protected spaces to ride to put an end to cars dominating cityscapes and harming the environment. Support ITDP bring cyclists to the streets and take cars off of them one bicycle at a time.

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