Monday, March 25, 2019

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Port Authority taps PATH dep. dir. DeGraffe to lead the railroad

Clarelle DeGraffe, the deputy director of Port Authority of New York/New Jersey is the new Director of Rail Transit and GM of PATH. Clarelle DeGraffe,...

New Financing Tolls Make Electric Bus Buying Easier

Proterra offers multiple leasing options,including the ability to lease the batteries, which could help transit agencies better manage risk. As more and more transit agencies...

Proterra's 35-foot Catalyst passes Altoona Testing with record battery capacity

Proterra has tested more battery-electric vehicles at Altoona than any other manufacturer and was the first electric vehicle manufacturer to complete Altoona testing with...

Poll shows support for new sales tax to support San Diego transit

In the next six months, MTS will convene industry-sector focus groups and a Community Advisory Committee made up of civic-minded, neighborhood-based organizations to gain...